Donata Vintage Leather Handbag


Vintage, hand sewn leather handbag/briefcase, made of quality materials, with hight precision and attention to details

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            Designed with a vintage and hand sewn, this bag will settle for the needs of the most demanding customers. We made this bag of thick cow leather, with adjustable shoulder strap and comfortable handles. Because of its universality has wide application.  The bag i equipped with the inside wall zip pocket, cell pocket and purse pocket. It and can be used as an everyday bag or business bag . This bag is big enough to fit a 13” Laptop, iPad, books, magazines or many other accessories.

Item specifics:

Item type: Briefcase
Number of handles: 2 handles, adjustable shoulder strap
Gender: Unisex
Material: Genuine leather
Bags occasion: Versatile
Color: Dark brown


Length: 40cm;
Height: 29cm;
Width: 3cm;
Shoulder Strap(Adjustable): 140cm

Care & Maintenance

               Genuine leather bags and briefcases age well and they are quite resilient when it comes to natural wear-and-tear. Require minimal maintenance, and it’s easy to clean. We recommend to dusting the bag every month with a soft nylon brush or soft leather cloth. You can also use special products to hydrate the leather and prevent it from cracking. You should avoid using water and soap, unless it is specially designed for cleaning leather. Excessive use of water and soaps can leave stains, dry up the leather and cracking it. However, because of its already rugged and vintage look, stains will hardly be noticeable.

            Despite the high resistance, excessive exposure to sunlight, water and wind, or artificial heat sources can have a negative effect on the leather. This exposure requires extra care, so it should be avoided. Proper treatment and regular maintenance are equally essential for the long life of each bag, even those of the highest quality materials!


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